Venetian lions , monuments of the winged lion of St. Mark is a representment of the state symbol, a coat of coat of arms of the Venetian Republic, under whose administration Trogir was located from 1420 to 1797. As a symbol of the city's subservience to Venice, but also its protective role and the unity of the Republic.

According to the data available today, there were a total of 13 winged lions in Trogir who held a book in their claws.

The fate of the Trogir lions was sealed 135 years after the end of the Venetian Republic, on the night of December 1-2, 1932, when they were broken and then removed.

However, although in a very bad condition, one small lion managed to save himself.

It's hard to spot and recognize, and it's up to you to do just that and find the only remaining Trogir lion. Let's call him the King of Lions! Let's go for a hunt! 🦁

Trogir Old Stone Bridge

Starting Location

120 Minutes



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