What is a scavenger hunt?

A scavenger hunt is a game in which participants must solve clues, and complete a list of tasks within a specific period of time.

How do I play a game?

To participate in a scavenger hunt, you will need to download the Clueo app, select a game, purchase a ticket, gather a team (if you prefer to do this in a team), show up to the starting location and press start.

Can I buy a ticket and play later?

Yes, you can buy a ticket and play later at any time.

How long does a game typically last?

The hunt duration is found in the about section of the game. This is a general indication of how long each hunt should take. Each hunt is unique and different hunts take different time to complete.

What is the best time to play?

The ideal time to play a Clueo hunt is when there is daylight, it is easier to view the surroundings and hidden clues.

What should you bring with you on a hunt?

You should bring with you your phone, comfortable shoes and clothes, some water to stay hydrated and your thinking cap.

Do you need an internet connection?

Yes, in order to play a Cleuo game you will need an internet connection.

How many people can participate in a Clueo hunt?

Tickets are purchased according to the number of devices. This ranges from one device up to five, with the capability of all devices being synced to the same game.

Is there a prize for winning a Clueo hunt?

For the time being only Clueo points are being awarded upon the completion of a hunt. However stay tuned for what the future has in hold.

Are scavenger hunts only for kids?

No, scavenger hunts are for all ages.

How can I organize my own scavenger hunt?

To organize your own themed scavenger hunt get in touch with us on info@clueo.app

What type of questions will we get?

Standard questions - these can range from fill in the blanks, multiple choice, number selecting and word input.

Bonus questions - these questions pop up at random during the hunt and you must answer them within a limited time.

Photo questions - you must take a photo according to the instructions of that particular hunt. These earn you further points.

What happens if I get stuck?

In order to share the game and link up other devices all you need to do is share the code that would be shown in the game before starting the hunt. Other devices can click “Join Hunt’ from the main page.

What is the difficulty?

The difficulty of each hunt can be found in the app ranging from 1-4, 1 being the easy and 4 being genius.


Payments can only be made in-app using Clueo Coins.

Clueo Coins

Clueo coins are used to purchase games. Top up your balance either from the main page on the top left, or else when selecting a game at the ticket stage and redeem these against tickets.


Refunds are only issued in cases of technical issues experienced during the hunts. Please contact us directly on social media or email info@clueo.app.

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