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Since Clueo Hunts are location based, make sure you can get to the starting location.

Buy a Ticket

We have the option of 2 tickets: Solo Tickets or Group Tickets.

Go to Starting Location & Play!

Show up to the starting point, press start and follow the directions, solve the puzzles that will lead you around the hunt


Try to solve the hunt in the quickest time all while scoring the most points to get to the top of the leaderboard!

Scoring Points

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Normal Questions

10 points are given if you answer the question right while no points are awarded for a wrong answer.

Bonus Questions

These questions pop up at random during the hunt and must be answered before the timer is up! Bonus questions earn more points than normal questions, however watch out as they have negative marking. Answer at your own risk!

Photo Questions

10 Points will be given if you submit a photo as instructed. Photos are manually reviewed some days after you finish the scavenger hunt. So points can be detucted after if the photos are incorrect. These also serve as clueo memories taken during the hunt to be shared later on.

Clues you will look for

Here are some sample clues you will be looking
for during a scavenger hunt.

Find hidden dates

Look out for shapes

Think outside the box

Decode Maps

Guess names

Take photos with important artifacts

Count objects

Read street signs

Solve encrypted messages

clueo treasure hunt app hints

Are Hints

Each Scavenger Hunt has 3 Hints, which you can use throughout the game. Make sure you don't use them up at once!

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